The semiconductor industry is one of the most innovative industries. The continuous drive to improve performance while lowering the price of microchips (Moore's Law) results in total sales of more than 400 billion dollars per year worldwide. Global players for the chip manufacturing like ASML, INTEL, USHIO, ... spend enormous investments to produce structures of a few nanometers. We have grown up especially in the field of EUV sources and are experts for the whole range of Periphery & Control like gas distributors, high vacuum, water and air cooling. Real-time process control and interfaces to laser and measurement technology are also part of our expertise. Of course we develop for clean room environments and according to international standards such as NFPA, CE or SEMI.


MLAP 06The microlens array used here is an array with an area of 2.8 mm² and 280 lenses. We designed the electrical hardware architecture, programed the software , and made the electrical installation to position and bond the microlens array with a multi-axis control unit and optical image processing in 6 degrees of freedom up to 100 nm.

ResonantChargingUp to 15000 times per second a defined high voltage must be generated between two electrodes by resonant charging and discharged by trigger lasers. We have developed such a system from scratch and achieved unprecedented accuracy.

To operate an EUV-LDP-Source, media and processes must be regulated and controlled in real time. In order to evaluate the hardware and software used for this purpose, a simulator is not only helpful but also saves enormous costs since the real machine is not occupied. For our customer we have developed such a simulator.

LTTB-2The Tin Handling Box (THB) is a core module in a Tin based LDP-SOURCE (see for this also the other projects about EUV-LDP-SOURCES). Before such a complex module is used for the first time or after a refurbishment, it must be tested in all operating phases from heating-up over operation to cooling down again. We have completely designed such a testbench and have already delivered it several times.

EBL2LayoutFrameTo operate an EUV LDP Source, a tin plasma must be generated and controlled in a high vacuum environment using high voltage. Together with our customer we have developed, built and programmed the entire environment of such an EUV source.

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