Once an idea has been verified in the laboratory, we are your partner to make it suitable for industrial use. We develop and build Process Modules, Automation Modules and Test Benches for you from prototypes and small series to systems for mass production.

LaserCleaningDue to pollution of baking plates during wafer production, a periodic cleaning is necessary to guarantee the final quality of the outcoming product. Our customer is developing a new system to clean baking plates fully automatically with laser technology. We help to supervise the process with the use of image processing.

MLAP 06The microlens array used here is an array with an area of 2.8 mm² and 280 lenses. We designed the electrical hardware architecture, programed the software , and made the electrical installation to position and bond the microlens array with a multi-axis control unit and optical image processing in 6 degrees of freedom up to 100 nm.

ResonantChargingUp to 15000 times per second a defined high voltage must be generated between two electrodes by resonant charging and discharged by trigger lasers. We have developed such a system from scratch and achieved unprecedented accuracy.

EBL2LayoutFrameTo operate an EUV LDP Source, a tin plasma must be generated and controlled in a high vacuum environment using high voltage. Together with our customer we have developed, built and programmed the entire environment of such an EUV source.

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